Get the most out of your Hydrology9 (5/22/2017 Updated)

  1. How much herb to Fill? – Always grind your material

It’s depends on what you put in there, but if you feel it becomes difficult to put the stir cap in, or that you feel airflow became restricted, then you probably put too much!Remember to always grind your material before packing the chamber.


  1. Inhalation Method – inhale slowly and steadily

The Hydrology9 operates best where you inhale slowly and steadily, seeing about four or more bubbles coming out from the perforated ring.This is contrary to the typical water pipe experience, but the Hydrology9 is a vaporizer first.Hard and fast inhalation is not recommended.


  1. Clean out your water chamber – Keep it dry

We strongly recommend removing your liquid and keeping the mouthpiece unsealed – and if possible remove the top aluminum below the mouthpiece.The idea is to let your glass chamber dry after use.Having used liquid in the chamber is a formula for build-up.


  1. Charge Hydrology9 before use

Like all electronics, please charge your Hydrology9 in full before use.